Vegetable Paella

Alright, so the other week the taste tester was told to lower his cholesterol by adapting to a more vegetarian diet. Well, this should be interesting because heĀ  doesn't eat a lot of vegetables. He will eat a salad, yes but eating a side of a vegetables...only time he eats his vegetables is when I hide vegetables into a dish and he can't really see what kind of vegetables he is eating but he knows they are vegetables.(and surprising he will eat them that way) The doctor gave him a name of a cookbook for him to get and try some of the recipes. I looked at it and they didn't really "wow" me. Then I logged on to the power of the internet and checked out "cookie and kate" a vegetarian based site with some "wow" recipes.

I came across this recipe, vegetable paella, from the site and thought it sounded pretty good - and boy was it ever!!! Even the taste tester enjoyed it!!

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