Sous Vide


The past couple of years I've heard a lot about the cooking method "sous vide" and just dismissed it thinking it was just a cooking fad and will be gone soon. I didn't fully understand it- cook everything in water?! what?! so are you boiling it?! What I gathered you are cooking inĀ  water making sure the meat, in a vacuum sealed bag is submerged and the temperature is low and constant ensuring that the inside is properly cooked without overcooking the outside, and to retain moisture.

We have done pork a number of times and its so moist and tender its absolutely insane how good it is. We did a lamb for Easter and it cooked for about 23 hours- it was insanely tender and delicious!!

So after my hesitation with sous vide for so long and cooking with it for a few months, I can safely say I'm hooked! its an amazing little tool!!

the picture is the lamb we cooked for Easter, 23 hours of pure deliciousness!!

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