O’ Brother!!

As long as I can remember my brother has always been cooking. When we would come home from elementary school, the first thing he would do is make an afternoon snack that would be delicious! I would attempt to outdo him and fail! I use to get so mad (secretly, of course I didn’t want my brother to think he beat me or anything)
He would look in the pantry, see what we had, let’s say tuna fish -and whip up a gourmet sandwich using what we had on hand. I would observe what he was doing -and attempt to outdo him, because I could, and fail miserably. I would never let on that it sucked, but I know he knew it was horrible and he would have this smirk on his face like, ha ha my sandwich is better.

My mom was like that as well; she could look in the pantry and whip up a gourmet, delicious dinner in no time. I remember helping her and thinking I’m going to learn how to do this – she made it look so easy and fun! My brother on the other hand seemed more like a competition and he was winning, and I hate losing!!!

So, whatever he has planned for his “section” I hope I can suck it up and be a gracious host to whatever he does. I’m sure it will be wonderful because we both had a great teacher who loved cooking and entertaining. We loved our mother very much and she would be proud that we are carrying her love of cooking to the next level!!