Korean Style Turkey and Rice Bowl

The other day I saw this recipe and thought it looked good and healthy. Plus, I was thinking about what to make for dinner that night as well- it appeared my thoughts were answered. Sweet!

I got home with the ingredients and started cooking. I honestly thought it was going to take awhile but it didn’t. I would say, tops 30 minutes- and that includes prep. There’s not a lot of ingredients and it comes together quickly. I turned down the pan to low to keep it warm and not over cook it while I wait for my taste tester/husband to get home. Sometimes he just won’t eat the stuff I cook – not often but when I do go out on the adventurous side of cooking I really have to hide (mix it into the rest of the dish) Unfortunately, he finds it and over dramatizes eating it. He will say, “I know what you are doing- You’re trying to kill me” and all it did was hide some vegetables in the dish. But the whole meal I heard that. He ate it and I chucked it up as a success!

So, I plated the meal and heard no comments except that it was really good! I would definitely make this again.

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