Instant Pot Cooking

A few months back we purchased an instant pot. Wow! the time it takes to cook and the flavor and tenderness of the meat – so tender and flavorful! we cooked ribs in it and literally the meat was falling off the bone! and it took 45 minutes!! Its fun to put things together and then open the lid to a flavor packed meal in no time!!!

There is no picture to go along with this but this recipe is so darn goooooood!! I have been craving chicken with olives and yellow rice for awhile and I wanted to make something that had some depth of flavor. I came across this recipe for the instant pot. Artichokes, olives and chicken! All winners in my book, so I gave it a try!! I will be making this again, but with some variation – maybe with some white wine? It’s good as it is but there’s always room for WOW!!

(Look for the recipe in the recipe tab…..)

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