Food, Life and Mako

Cooking food and photographing food are so different. I love cooking and I thought- what can be so hard with photographing food. Everything! There's the lighting, the angle, shutter speed, styling food to make it appetizing....Phew...who knew? I didn't, but its a learning process and I want to believe I'm getting better at it. All I know its constant work and whatever doesn't look good - my dog, Mako loves the oops! Loves it!! I think he's getting a bit spoiled because sometimes he looks at his food and thinks, "seriously"?
Just recently, we went on a shopping trip to PetSmart and he picked out his own bone - could it be his culinary taste is a bit over the top from all the oops he has eaten?! or is it we just got a dog that is gourmet? I think we got a gourmet, spoiled dog

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