Easter ham

We just had a small Easter but it was big on the feast! We did a ham this year instead of lamb. I like lamb but I wanted a change, plus my dad made some ham soup with the leftovers (equally as delicious) The ham was a baked ham with a brown sugar, rum and cayenne glaze. It wasn't spicy at all or too overly sweet. I would say the sweetness was just right - it had a over so slight sweetness. So good! and it made a great gravy with the pan juices!!

rhubarb trifle

For dessert was a rhubarb pistachio trifle. A couple of factors played into this. 1. My dad is a huge fan of rhubarb 2. I didn't want anything too sweet 3. Rhubarb just seemed like a nice spring dessert to have for Easter.

I did this the day of but the recipe called for the day before. If I had read the recipe through I would have known this and made life easier for me. It was still delicious but I realize it would have been that much more delicious if I made it the day before. Live and learn I guess.

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