Norwegian Meatballs

So the other day my dad was talking about meatballs that his mother use to make (she was Norwegian) and that started some meatball research. I finally found a recipe that would be simple and would have a powerful flavor punch! This is definitely a 

Cooking with Dad

The last day or so my dad and I have been cooking up a storm in his kitchen. We made a Shepard’s pie from the cookbook we got from Scotland last fall, and was it ever so delicious!! Shepard’s pie is such a great comfort 

Sunday Night Family dinner

For the past couple of weeks my dad has been making dinner on Sundays for us to join him. Its been quite the treat- the first one was chicken and dumplings, and the second was lasagna. He hit it out of the park with that! 

Red Beans and Rice


Spicy Sausage with Red pepper cream sauce

Some dishes are all about the sauce and this one is no different. A good sauce can make or break a good dish. I like the creamy-ness of this sauce (I would have liked it with a little more kick ) but for the general