Sous Vide

  The past couple of years I’ve heard a lot about the cooking method “sous vide” and just dismissed it thinking it was just a cooking fad and will be gone soon. I didn’t fully understand it- cook everything in water?! what?! so are you 


We just had a small Easter but it was big on the feast! We did a ham this year instead of lamb. I like lamb but I wanted a change, plus my dad made some ham soup with the leftovers (equally as delicious) The ham 

Korean Style Turkey and Rice Bowl

The other day I saw this recipe and thought it looked good and healthy. Plus, I was thinking about what to make for dinner that night as well- it appeared my thoughts were answered. Sweet! I got home with the ingredients and started cooking. I 

Lentil Soup

I was first introduced to the lentil in college, and it was made into a soup. I learned using the whole celery (leaves and all) they said it adds more depth of flavor. I took that bit of information and ran with it as well